Ashley + Nick | New Jersey WEDDING Videographer

Ashley & Nick | August 5, 2017 | Hamilton, New Jersey


I always love photographing and capturing weddings at new venues that I’ve never been to and this is one I had not originally heard of. Sayen House and Garden was on my bucket list of New Jersey venues that I had been wanting to check off my list for a while after Ashley had contacted me, so I had been anxiously awaiting Ashley & Nick's wedding day.

Ashley & Nick's wedding day was an unusually warm (let's be honest, it was pretty hot!) August day, which allowed the guests to enjoy the great outdoors of New Jersey from their outdoor ceremony in Hamilton. Ashley & Nick, thank you for sharing your New Jersey wedding day with me!



Venue: Sayen House & Garden

5 Tools Everyone In The NYC Wedding Industry Should Be Using

New York Wedding Film Maker sony camera

1.  Mirrorless Cameras

I should say I am extremely bias in making this claim, but ever since I have switched from Canon to Sony I have seen a jump in quality, speed, and low light performance (among other things). Now with my Sony camera, I am able to carry around fewer lenses and lights due to the ability of the camera to what like to say "inventing light". The Sony camera (A7sii or the a6500) has the ability to customize individual functions, the auto focus is incredible, low light performance is superb, but the quality of the image is amazing.

I will admit that the con to switching some will say is the color that Canon has compared to the Sony, but while I will agree that I think Canon does take better photos and skin tones may look slightly better, I love how my Sony looks and performs for both corporate and wedding clients.

nyc wedding film video camera stabilizer

2. Handheld Gimbal for Moving Shots

Gimbals first began as a way to stabilize footage from helicopters, but engineers saw the technology to be beneficial not only to those seasoned professionals but to the everyday filmmaker regardless if they are full-time or not. The gimbals first began with no motors but using counter-weights and springs to keep the footage you were filming stable. Fast forward to the technology on drones, RC Helicopters, and electronic stabilizers, these handheld gimbal systems for wedding videos are go-to for cinematic shots. 

I've been using the Zhiyun Crane 3 Axis Brushless Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer and it has been such a joy to experiment with it for the upcoming wedding season. Although the DJI Ronin-M came out and has been given rave reviews for the gimbal, I have tried to keep my wedding filmmaking kit to be as small as possible. This is because I hate having to lug everything everywhere, but more importantly, the less stuff I bring, the more I can focus on capturing the day instead of using all the gadgets and gizmos that some wedding filmmakers use. 


3. Slider

Sliders are great for a few things, but you do have to know how to use them properly. There are times when a stabilizer/gimbal creates the perfect shot for a wedding video, but a slider can do it better. The downside to using a slider is always the setup which means you need to have a stable tripod for using a slider. The slider I always recommend is Edelkrone SliderPlus, due to its portability, ease of use and easy setup to get the shot.

Slider shots are great for a few things, but I tend to use them for getting details of certain things (rings, decorations, name cards, etc..), but are great for establishing shots in the beginning of a film. The key to creating and using a slider is the stack the shot or layer the shot. By that I mean you want to ensure that you have something close by passing in-front/near the camera as you slide for an establishing shot. If you don't do this, the motion will be so small that it won't even be noticeable on say a landscape.

Be sure to have an extra video head ready to go on your slider so that you are making it easier for yourself when you need to get that quick slider shot.