March 11, 2018

Ashley + Jeff | Hoboken Surprise Engagement Proposal | New Jersey Wedding Videographer

Ashley + Jeff | February 17, 2019 | Hoboken, New Jersey

When I got the inquiry to shoot Ashley and Jeff’s surprise engagement proposal at the Hoboken waterfront, I was so excited! I was excited to share this important milestone in their relationship and to shoot along the beautiful waterfront. Jeff reached out a few weeks ahead of time and after we chatted on the phone, I could hear in his voice the nervousness and excitement he had for the proposal. Jeff and I met up a few days in advance to go over the details and location of the proposal. On the day of the proposal, Jeff shared his location with me via his iPhone and told me what Ashley was wearing so that it would be easy to spot them as they walked up. I tried hard to stay hidden, but you can see below in the pictures when she realized that the proposal was caught on camera. Jeff asked me to bring a dozen roses and champagne for them to celebrate with after the proposal. The weather was a bit cold, but Jeff and Ashley popped open the champagne and toasted to their engagement. Their genuine and heartfelt love for another made me smile and I’m so happy that I got to be a part of this special proposal.

I’m excited to share this proposal with you all. Jeff and Ashley, love you guys! You are awesome human beings!

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