Bring out the energy and bubbles of laughter from your guests simply by having a Murphy Studio Photo Booth at your event. It’s the icebreaker for all the guests you threw at Table 7 in hopes they’d find something in common.

Photo booths are the excuse to be silly, to take a dozen selfies with Pop Pop and Aunt Sue, to make duck lips a thing again, and to insist everyone jump in the air for one cool boomerang. These ridiculous photos are the candid memories you’ll find yourself laughing at for years to come.

Digital Photo Booth


Let’s Talk

You’re ready to wow attendees at your wedding with a Murphy Studio Photo Booth and we’re here to bring the fun. So reach out with an email stating what type of event you’re looking for and we’ll answer with information on packages and details specific to your event. 

From there, we can hop on a call and discuss dates, location, and how you want your photo booth to stand out. Perhaps you want custom image overlays, tap to start screens or various themed props for guests to hold, or digitally select from the touch screen. If you have any extra questions or creative ideas, we are always open to them.



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The Set Up

Before your event begins, we’ll set up the photo booth at the event location. The photo booth will be set up by cocktail hour and open to guests while they wait for family portraits. That’s it, no set up from you. Just enjoyment. And once the event is over, we’ll pack it all up and be on our merry way. 



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Tap to Start

Murphy Studio Photo Booths are easy to operate. All you need to do is tap to start on the touch screen and gather your group together to pose while the timer counts down 5...4...3...2...1! Then smile, pose with a prop, or jump in the air for a series of photos or boomerangs. When you’re happy with your photos, simply select them from the touch screen and email, text, or AirDrop them to your phone. Instant magic.



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Share the Magic

Within 24 hours, you’ll receive a personalized live gallery and digital folder of all images from the event. You can instantly share these on social media. Once you have your photos, you can also print them out in a photo album or do with them as you will. It’s up to you how you share the magic of the photo booth memories.



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Our Photo Booths start at $595. To learn more about pricing, packages, and how you can book a photo booth for your event, please contact Murphy Studio here for more information.



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