April 3, 2021

New Jersey Wedding Photographer and Videographer Team: Murphy Studio & Mile Square Moments

If you are looking for a New Jersey wedding photographer and videographer, your options are endless. Do you choose a company that offers both services? Or hire a photographer and videographer separately? I’ve talked about Devin from Mile Square Moments on Instagram before, but I wanted to create an entire post to really talk about our New Jersey wedding photographer and videographer partnership. You can find more information on our packages and pricing here, or if you have a wedding date already – you can check our availability by contacting us here.

 Booking a Wedding Photographer and Videographer

There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing two separate companies or hiring a photo/video team, and I really believe we have combined the best of both worlds. When you hire one company, you are hoping you like both the photographer and videographer equally. With some of the larger companies, you might not even know “who” is going to show up on your wedding day.

On the other hand, if you hire two separate companies, you are facing other risks. Will your photos and video look good together? Will the photographer and videographer have good chemistry? It sounds kind of weird to say, but you want your photographer and videographer to have good working chemistry. Your photo and video team need to work together flawlessly on your wedding day. We need to capture your more important moments while avoiding each other’s lens.

I honestly believe, after countless weddings together, Devin and I have achieved that perfect harmony. We have a similar style and approach to documenting our couples wedding day. We’ve created a seamless booking process so you don’t need to worry about updating both of us. If you are looking for a photo/video team, here’s what you need to know about the Murphy Studio and Mile Square Moments Partnership.

HERE FOR THE REAL: Photojournalistic Photography and Videography

When you book Murphy Studios and Mile Square Moments, we don’t show up on your wedding day to force you through the poses motions we want you to make. You can expect a photojournalistic approach from both of us. Throughout your wedding day, we are going to act like a fly on the wall and remind you that we are here for the real. We will guide you so that you look your best, but we don’t try to create moments for the purpose of documenting them. Both Devin and I are passionate about capturing your real and authentic wedding day moments. When you look back on your wedding day, we don’t want you to remember posing for photos for hours.

Romantic and Candid Wedding Photographer and Videographer

You want your wedding photos and video to look the same. When you book a photographer and videographer with different styles, your wedding day might look different in each. I’m sure you don’t want that, so seeing your photographer and videographer’s work side by side is important before you decide who to book. Below, you can see a Long Island Elopement that was a Murphy Studio and Mile Square Moments collaboration.

Wedding Day Timeline, Shot Lists, and More

I truly believe that until you plan a wedding, you don’t realize how many moving pieces go into the day. Your photographer and videographer are two of the vendors that need to be involved in almost every detail. Other than the wedding planner, I would argue that we have the most contact with you before the wedding day. To ensure we don’t miss a single moment, we work with you to create a wedding day timeline, shot lists for your family and wedding party, and so much more.

This might not seem like a lot to communicate with two different vendors, but if there are any changes, it can quickly become overwhelming. Although Mile Square Moments and Murphy Studio are two separate companies, Devin and I act like one vendor before the wedding day. You have one person to update your timeline with, one contract, one invoice. Wedding planning can be complicated but booking your New Jersey photographer and videographer doesn’t have to be.

Here’s a quick behind the scenes of what working with us on your wedding day looks like.

Booking Murphy Studio and Mile Square Moments

If you have any questions about the Murphy Studio and Mile Square Moments team, make sure to get in touch here. Not only do we both love what we do, we also love connecting with people on a human level. We are here for both the grand adventures and the intimate micro weddings with only your closest family and friends. You’ll leave with wedding photography and videography that reflects all of the real and intimate moments on your wedding day. We will plan with you before the wedding day to make sure we don’t miss a beat (and make the process as seamless as possible). Like I mentioned earlier, we are here for the real. Wedding Photography and Videography packages start at $6600.

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