September 30, 2021

The Murphy’s Are Growing: Please Welcome Parker Lee Murphy!

Here at Murphy Studio, we are no strangers to telling love stories and the way they unfold in genuine and real life. We are all about the connection here. But instead of featuring one of the absolutely incredible couples we have worked with this year as a New Jersey wedding videographer, today, I get to share one of my own! On August 4th, 2021 at 12:03pm, born at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston New Jersey, we welcomed Parker Lee Murphy into the world. Coming into the world at 8lbs and 11 ounces (21′ long!), get ready to meet the newest love of my life and incredibly exciting addition to the Murphy family.
By the way – if you are new around here – this is more of a personal post. You can learn more about my services as a New Jersey and New York wedding videographer here. Or if you are looking for real wedding films and New Jersey and New York wedding inspiration, you can find it on the blog here! I love connecting with people so if you have any questions (or want to save your wedding date), you can connect directly with me here.

New Jersey Newborn Photos

Before I get carried away, I just need to extend the biggest shout-out (and token of my deepest appreciation) to Devin at Mile Square Moments – the New Jersey photographer behind these precious newborn photos. I’ve mentioned her on the blog before (she’s my partner for couples looking for a wedding photo and video team) but in moments like these, I get an even deeper sense of absolute gratitude for our partnership. I connected with her a couple of years ago, at a Hoboken creatives meet up, and we have been working together ever since. She values the genuine as much as I do.

Combining Family Photos with Newborn Photos

Although we wanted all of the “typical” newborn photos (after all, this is definitely the newest love of our lives!), I also wanted photos with my other son (Finn!) and my incredible wife Martha. We took photos of the four of us but we also tried to take photos in pairs which you’ll see throughout the blog. I can’t even begin to explain how incredible it is seeing our family grow. The last few years have gone by in what feels like minutes. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for these humans.

Balancing Family Life with Murphy Studio

Like literally every other entrepreneur I’ve talked to, balancing family life with entrepreneurship is an ongoing adventure. I’m definitely not perfect at it, but I love what I do in every area of my life so it’s worth the challenge. For the most part, I try to work on Murphy Studio things (admin, editing, all of the business owner things!) from Monday – Thursday, and then on weekends (when I don’t have a wedding), I have non-negotiable family time. As much as humanly possible, I don’t think about work when I’m with my family.

Although this is always my ideal schedule, I would be kidding myself if I thought that this was never flexible. Ultimately, I’ve learned and relearned the importance of great communication. I’m also so grateful for my wife Martha being an independent and supportive partner to me. She has her own dreams and passions and I like to think I’m as supportive of her as she is to me. We work together as a team in everything we do.

Murphy Studio in 2021

At Murphy Studio specifically, it’s no secret that this year has been incredibly busy for the wedding industry (we are all basically cramming two years’ worth of weddings into a few short months) and the ‘wedding boom’ is not showing any signs of slowing down yet. Seriously – if you are looking for a wedding videographer for 2022 – there is no time like the present. Learn more about working with Murphy Studio here. I’ve been working with some absolutely amazing couples this year who have been so incredibly understanding throughout the last two months as I navigate our new normal with a toddler and a newborn. I love what I do and I’m incredibly grateful.
More than that, I’ve also started delegating the things I’m not as good at or simply don’t have time for anymore. There are so many hats we wear as business owners. I love connecting with my couples and showing up for them to document their wedding day. I love showing the finished video and hearing their reaction as they relive their wedding day. Instead of trying to do “all the things” that quite frankly, I don’t have time for, I focus on what matters most to my couples and what I’m best at, and I try to outsource as much of the rest as possible. As a father of two, I know how valuable time is. If outsourcing something I don’t like to do gets me even just one extra hour with my family, it’s worth it every time.

A Big Thank You from Murphy Studio

As if I haven’t said it enough, I just want to finish up by saying one more time how grateful I am for each and every one of you that have connected with Murphy Studio this year. I’ve worked with the most incredible wedding vendors all over New Jersey and New York and have been fortunate enough to document the most amazing couples. If you’ve made it to the end of this post, I just want to extend a huge thank you. I look forward to spending this next chapter of our lives with each and every one of you.

Thank you from the Murphy’s!

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