March 6, 2016

Stevens Institute of Technology Baseball Game | College Sports Photographer

Stevens Institute of Technology  |  Hoboken, NJ  |  February 27, 2016

I grew up playing baseball, specifically catcher and outfield. I was never very good, but without realizing it, I was put into a position of leadership on the team as I was always able to see what was going on and could help to control the game. I appreciate our national pastime and it was even created here in Hoboken, New Jersey.

After finishing up a swim lesson on Saturday at Stevens Aquatic Center, I was walking home when I came across a Stevens Institute baseball game. I hadn’t shot a baseball game before and thought I would snap some photos. It was nice having my Sigma 70-200mm because I was able to stay far enough away, but zoom in close enough to get some sharp photographs.

I love shooting sports every so often and this was a great opportunity to put my skills to the test. While I don’t feel like I was very creative in the limited time I stayed to watch, I am looking forward to getting more photos the next time they play.

Stay tuned for more and I hope you enjoy these!

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