February 5, 2016

The Mission Continues Alpha Class Orientation 2016

The Mission Continues  |  Atlanta, GA  |  January 30, 2016

This past weekend I was given the honor to attend The Mission Continues 2016 Alpha Class Orientation weekend. This orientation weekend began the six-month journey of my fellowship with The Four Block Foundation. The Mission Continues empowers veterans to find new missions at home by deploying them in their communities. I am being deployed to the Four Block Foundation to support, educate, and prepare returning enlisted service members for meaningful careers that capitalize on their interests, strengths, and capabilities.

I have personally found it difficult to find a job since I left the military, so I can relate to the veterans that I work with. While I have searched for a full time job, I have turned my passions of coaching and photography into part time jobs.

Below you will find a glimpse into the service project I was a part of over the past weekend with the hope that it might inspire you to join The Mission Continues and help serve your community.


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