January 28, 2016

Goals for a 2016 Hoboken New Jersey Photographer

2016 is here, albeit this post is a tad late, but here’s to another wonderful year and another year full of goals. 2015 was full of capturing photos for clients that they will hopefully cherish forever. In 2015 I moved to Hoboken and I’m excited for the challenges and possibilities that lie ahead.

Here is a look at both my person and business goals for the year ahead:


  1. I hope to book more than just a few weddings this year. While I have many friends that are getting married and I have offered them my services, I am hoping to book a few weddings in the Hoboken area as well.
  2. Create a better workflow and all around system for downloading images, backing up images, editing and then delivering them to the client.
  3. Reach out to past clients to see if they have any other couples or families looking to get photographs done.
  4. Continue to define my style. There are times when I look at certain photos that are 180 degrees from where I normally want my photography to be. Figuring my style out more as an artist and photographer is going to be challenging and I need to take more photos outside of my comfort zone and seek out different vantage points.
  5. Blogging more. I want to be able to post a set of photos at least once every week or every other week. This means I need to start shooting more than I normally am.
  6. Purchase a second camera body and another lens. All photographers dream about the latest and greatest gear, and I typically rent gear when I need something, but it would be nice to actually own some of the stuff I rent continuously.


  1. Get healthy. For me this means losing the weight that I have put on since I left the military in 2010. Dealing with stress, depression, constantly moving and not having a set schedule, and not making the right choices when eating has definitely increased the weight. So my goal is to be healthier in both exercising and eating right.
  2. Save towards a trip solely based on the goal of photography and video making during the trip.
  3. I want to start a vlog (although I probably don’t do too much exciting things in a day), but maybe creating a weekly vlog will force me to be more creative.
  4. I want to start sharing more of my personal life and general lifestyle/photo advice on this blog.

What are YOUR specific goals this year? Let’s make 2016 a great year!



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