December 24, 2015

Switzerland Trip – Part 1

In November of this year, Martha and I headed to Switzerland to visit her cousins who are living in Basel for work for the year. . We had found a really cheap flight from New York to Basel so we could not pass up the opportunity to go visit them. We left on a Thursday morning and arrived on a Friday and spent the next five days being tourists. Check out some of the photos from our trip, but stay tuned for part 2 to see the latter part of the vacation to Germany and France.

Arriving on Friday evening, we went to bed “late,” which meant staying up so we could adjust to the time change and sitting around chatting with Martha’s family. Waking up on Saturday, we decided as a group to head to Colmar France and we spent the day walking around getting lost in the adorable city, and eating the local food.

On Sunday, me, Martha, Martha’s cousin Scott and his daughter Natalie, woke up early to go see and hike the Swiss Alps. We traveled to Lauterbrunnen to watch some BASE jumpers and we climbed up a winding path to see a spectacular waterfall. The best part was after we took a train up to Kleine Scheidegg and were able to eat and hike in the Alps. The views were amazing and we even saw a few avalanches from afar

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